Latisse®: A solution for thinning eyelashes

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Jul 30, 2014 1:30:00 PM

latisse-for-thinning-eyelashesHow many times have you seen a woman with gorgeous, thick, long eyelashes and wondered why you can’t have the same? Gorgeous eyelashes frame the eyes, bringing focus to one of your most prominent features. Unfortunately, for many people -- especially as they age -- the eyelashes begin to thin while others may have always had thin or short eyelashes. Thin eyelashes may be a mere inconvenience for some, but for others, may add to problems such as eye irritation. For those looking for a solution to thin or short eyelashes, Latisse® 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution may be the answer.

Latisse® is an FDA-approved solution that can be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes to stimulate eyelash growth and thickening. For some patients, Latisse® may also darken light lashes. With regular use, the effects of Latisse® become visible and fully achieved after 16 weeks. When using Latisse®, have patience, as it may take a month before the effects first become visible. Once you start to see growth and improvement, you will likely be motivated to continue Latisse® treatments in order to achieve and maintain optimal results.

When you first begin using Latisse®, you may find it helpful to keep track of your applications on a calendar, as doing so will provide you with a visual reminder that you are getting closer and closer to seeing results during the first several weeks. Many consumers purchase products that promise results over time, only to become discouraged in the first week or two and cause them to give up. Take heart in knowing that if you stick with your regular Latisse® applications and have patience, you should begin to see visible lengthening after the first four weeks. By eight weeks, most patients experience not only thickening, but also fullness and darkening of the lashes. By 16 weeks, you should have dramatic results.

Success with Latisse® does require diligence and regular, nightly application. In addition to keeping track of applications on your calendar, it may be helpful to keep your Latisse® serum in the bathroom with your nightly skincare products. Missing one or two applications shouldn’t have a significant impact on your results, but be sure to not miss too many, as stopping Latisse® applications will cause your lashes to return to their original state.

Applying Latisse®

When applying Latisse®, be sure to follow safe practices to ensure the best results and to minimize any unwanted effects. Latisse® is best applied at night before you crawl into bed. Be sure to start with a fresh, clean canvas by removing your makeup and washing your face. In addition, remove contact lenses, as Latisse® may be absorbed by the contacts and cause complications for your vision and eye health. Be sure to only use the FDA-approved applicators provided with your Latisse® solution, as they are sterile and specially designed for this purpose. By using these applicators and by using them with care and avoiding touching any other surfaces with the applicators, you may reduce the risk of bacterial infections. If you wear contact lenses, wait at least 15 minutes after application before reinserting them.

Although Latisse® is quite safe, there is slight risk of itching, eye redness, and eye irritation. Skin darkening is also a possible, but rare, risk. If you do experience darkening, the effect is usually temporary. The best way to minimize risks is to follow the application directions as closely as possible.

To learn more about Latisse® and about how you can achieve bold, beautiful, long lashes, call Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center at (913) 317-9386 today to schedule a consultation. Be sure to ask about our summer specials, including the opportunity to recieve a 3mL Latisse® serum valued at $129 for free with the purchase of one 5mL Latisse® serum (mail-in redemption with proof of purchase and other conditions may apply), as well as other specials available now through August 31st, 2014.

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