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Jun 22, 2016 8:30:00 AM

tips for looking your bestMany plastic and aesthetic procedures are designed to combat the signs of aging. Gravity and time can take its toll on a person’s face and body, and often we don’t like the results. After all, we may feel great on the inside, but problems like sagging, wrinkles, and excess fat can make our exterior tell a different story.

When you want to look your best at 20 years old or at 70 years old, plastic surgery can help — but it’s about being the best version of you at this stage in your life. Consider which features you want to enhance or which signs of aging you want to reverse, and move forward with those thoughts in mind.

Common procedures for younger people

People in their 20s and 30s often still look youthful, and may only have minor signs of aging. For this reason, younger people tend to choose procedures that can enhance or improve upon features they’ve always disliked, such as small breasts or areas of excess fat. Breast augmentation and liposuction are popular choices for people in their younger years.

Having these procedures done at an earlier age can help a person enjoy their results longer. After all, if you’ve had a small bustline since your teens, or you’ve always had larger thighs or tummy, you don’t want to wait years to get the body you truly want.

Because people in this age group still have plenty of youth left in their faces, they often choose procedures that can help them preserve that radiance and give them a boost to look even better. Microdermabrasion, LED therapy, chemical peels, medical facials, and similar procedures can really benefit someone who is just starting to see those lines and wrinkles they don’t like, or who is dealing with breakouts.

The 40s and beyond: Aging beautifully

The aesthetic trends for people in their 40s on up tend to take a different path. Women are typically done with pregnancy, and they often want to restore a pre-pregnancy look with a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and mommy makeovers. Men often seek procedures like tummy tucks and liposuction for a big belly or love handles.

Facial procedures are also beneficial at this stage of life. Problems like a sagging brow or eyelids, a double chin, loss of fullness, and deep wrinkles become more prominent. And an expert plastic surgeon can help you decide which ones will benefit you based on your unique features and specific signs of aging. Rather than try to change the entire face, using a few carefully selected procedures can help you look like you turned back the clock, and not like you’re trying to be someone else.

No matter what your age, what really makes someone beautiful is their inner confidence. If you can walk into a room feeling good about yourself, you’ll be perceived as more beautiful by those around you.

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