Male cosmetic procedures on the rise

Posted by Monarch Plastic Surgery

Apr 8, 2015 9:30:00 AM

male cosmetic procedures trendingCosmetic and plastic surgeons have noticed a growing number of male clients seeking cosmetic procedures. According to Terrance Keaney, founder of W for Men, male cosmetic procedures increased by 20 percent in 2013. Cosmetic treatments are typically directed toward female clients, but thanks to social media and successful procedures for women, men are becoming more aware of the benefits associated with cosmetic procedures.

Treatments can require a lot of time out of your day, but there are a number of quick procedures that require an hour or less of your time. If you are busy, but interested in cosmetic treatments, consider these fast procedures as a possible solution.

Here are five common issues for men fixable by quick cosmetic procedures:

  1. Love handles/Belly fat

  2. Balding

  3. Enlarged red veins

  4. Wrinkles

  5. Veiny hands

A variety of treatments for these issues are available for both men and women. Learn more about these treatments in “6 cosmetic procedures for men available over a lunch break” from North Jersey News.

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