Monarch Plastic Surgery Shares Top Plastic Surgery Trends in the Midwest

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Jul 31, 2018 11:52:18 AM


The Midwest is well-known for friendly people, agriculture and being “America’s Heartland,” but do you know what the most popular plastic surgery trends are in the region? The American Society of Plastic Surgery recently released a study that examines the frequency of cosmetic procedures performed in specific regions across the United States.

While breast augmentations are quite popular out West, breast reductions are more often performed in right here in the Midwest. This difference in popularity could be linked to several local factors, including climate. For example, in the scorching summer heat of California or Nevada, patients may be more inclined to undergo breast augmentations since their bodies are more exposed in warm-weather clothing. In an interview with Allure, plastic surgeon Debra Johnson said, “Western women tend to steer themselves more towards procedures like breast implants, lifts and reductions to keep themselves feeling comfortable.”

In the cooler and more unpredictable climate of the Midwest, women expose their bodies less often than on the West Coast. This could be why the Midwest accounts for 29 percent of breast reductions performed nationally. There is a lesser need to have voluptuous breasts since they are more likely to be bundled underneath a coat or otherwise covered for a majority of the year.

"[Midwestern women] usually want something that’s a little bit more natural, but still comfortable,” says Anureet Bajaj, a plastic surgeon based in Oklahoma City. “I am doing a lot more downsizing of the [breast] implants."

Thirty-two percent of all butt lifts nationwide are also performed in the Midwest, a relatively high percentage considering the Midwest accounts for about 20 percent of the United States’ population. Surprisingly, lip reductions are also high in popularity in the Midwest, accounting for 36 percent of all reductions nationwide.

No matter where you’re from, the team at Monarch Plastic Surgery will help you look and feel your best by working with you to understand your goals for your body. We want our clients to be as confident as possible so they can let their true selves shine. If you are interested in learning more about Monarch’s cosmetic or reconstructive services, please visit our website to request a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons:

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