Not Your Grandfather’s Facelift - Why Men Are Seeking Brotox

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Oct 3, 2017 1:08:59 PM

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Treat the man in your life to some Brotox on National Boyfriend Day! Why should women have all the fun? It turns out men are seeking a youthful appearance with needles, too. A study from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that 453,281 men got botulinum injections in 2016. Additionally, the number of men getting injections rose by 337 percent from 2000 to 2015.


Who’s Getting It


According to the Huffington Post, men aged 35 to 65 years old are getting more Botox. Typically, these men have white-collar jobs with higher incomes. They are often professionals in law, business, the arts, fashion and medical. Most men are getting injections into their brows, crow’s feet and forehead creases.




Competitiveness is one of the top reasons for men getting Botox. Men have opted for injections to stay looking young, giving them an advantage in the workplace. After the recession, older workers have had a more difficult time getting back in the workplace. According to CNN, almost two-thirds of unemployed workers 55 and older said they were actively searching for a job for more than one year compared to only one-third of younger workers.


Men are starting to realize they can get work done without looking like they’ve had it done, according to GQ. Instead, they hear they look more rested and refreshed. Since Botox requires minimal to no down time, they can head over for injections on a lunch break and be back to the office, no questions asked.


Men are also inspired after seeing their wives and girlfriends getting great results. Seeing how natural it looks is making men want to try out the fountain of youth. Finally, there is a wider cultural acceptance of men and plastic surgery. It’s not just reserved for newscasters and celebs, and more men are becoming more transparent about plastic surgery.


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