One woman’s change of heart for cosmetic surgery

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Jan 23, 2015 9:30:00 AM

woman praises cosmetic surgeonSome individuals continue to brush plastic surgeons aside when it comes to sharing affection during the holiday season. Many give thanks to the cardiovascular surgeon who performed a live-saving bypass operation, or to the general practitioner who diagnosed a severe sinus infection. This holiday season, however, one woman named Meredith Carroll expressed more affection for her plastic surgeon than any other doctor.

Carroll points out that she would have called herself crazy in her recent opinion column for The Denver Post, if at the beginning of 2014 she was told she would be grateful most to Dr. Michael Bateman. Carroll describes how Dr. Bateman’s icy demeanor wasn’t meant to put her off, but to get to the point that it was important to get rid of her breast cancer first, then see if he could help make her look good in clothes afterward.

Carroll had visited with many plastic surgeons after learning she would need a double mastectomy, but Dr. Bateman chose to not use a false sense of hope to win her over as a patient. She goes on in the column to describe her vain attempts at getting Dr. Bateman to share a laugh. Then, she admits that she came to realize later on that Dr Bateman and his staff shared a common trait: kindness. Carroll discovered that breast reconstruction is one of the procedures partially or wholly covered by insurance, meaning Dr. Bateman wasn’t even receiving the full dollar amount of the operation.

Carroll finally got a chuckle out of Dr. Bateman after calling him late one Sunday about a weird noise she heard from her implants. She doesn’t thank him for saving her life literally, but she thanks him for making it prettier. Read her full column entitled, M. Carroll: For some patients, it’s more than just cosmetic surgery.

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