Plastic surgery surrounding menopause

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Nov 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM

plastic surgery and menopauseAlthough many women seek out plastic surgery in their younger years, some wait until they are 45, 50, or older. Many wait until after menopause, and decide to have plastic surgery to correct, refresh, or enhance their bodies and reclaim their self-esteem. Plastic surgery after menopause may be a liberating gift to oneself.

How the body changes during menopause

For many women, menopause signals a new phase of life. For some, it is an exciting time of renewal, and a time for a woman to place her needs and desires ahead of her children’s or spouse’s, possibly for the first time. Along with these exciting life changes come physical changes to the body. As hormones shift and and settle into new thresholds, the body responds by redistributing fat deposits. For many women, this translates to weight changes and loss of breast volume or shape. The skin also undergoes significant changes, often becoming drier than before and looser. Over time, these changes begin to stabilize, and the body settles into its new normal. While some of the changes in the body may not be ideal, this is an exciting time for many women and a chance for a woman to reinvent herself.

Menopause, health, and energy

Many women are living their lives to their fullest after menopause hits. Instead of working or caring for children, many women start to explore their own interests taking up new activities such as golf, skiing, or tennis, or going on fantastic dream vacations to the tropics. Whatever the case, they want to feel and look fit and fantastic. Plenty of women invest in a regular exercise routine and revamp their eating habits to support or extend their health and improve their energy levels so they can keep up with their new interests. Menopause shouldn’t be a gateway to old womanhood, but rather a path toward a whole new, exciting and fun-filled period of life.

Plastic surgery procedures after menopause

Life after menopause by no means relegates you to only certain plastic surgery procedures; however, due to the common changes in the body and face that most women experience surrounding menopause, there are some commonalities among the procedures women in their older years may seek out. Such procedures may include:

Tummy tuck

Although laxity of the stomach muscles and skin may be a common problem for many women after menopause, it may be particularly problematic for women who have had children. Repairing stretched or torn abdominal muscles and removing excess skin and tissues through a tummy tuck may help refresh the abdomen, creating a pleasing waistline and a flat stomach that younger women may envy.


If the muscles and skin of the body still have their tone and elasticity, but you suffer from an excess of fat deposits, liposuction might be enough to create an improved body contour. Liposuction may be performed across the abdomen and waist, the thighs, the upper arms and more.

Eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty is a particularly popular procedure for women suffering from sagging or puffy eyelids. Removing excess tissues and improving the eyelids may take years off of a woman’s face, making her look significantly younger and more energetic.


A facelift may refresh the appearance by correcting the signs of aging due to excess sun exposure, the effects of gravity, or loss of collagen. A facelift may refresh the overall appearance of the face and the neck.

Botox and dermal fillers

Botox and dermal fillers are a less invasive way to reverse the signs of aging by smoothing wrinkles or creases and adding volume where it has been lost. Often, the results are a softer, younger appearance.

Breast lift with or without augmentation

Sagging breasts or breasts that have lost volume due to aging and menopause may be restored to their previous shape, size, and position through a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both.

You have many options available to you for plastic surgery and refreshing your look. To learn more about your options or to discuss your goals and concerns, please call Monarch Plastic Surgery today at (913) 663-3838 for our Leawood and Lansing offices or for our North Kansas City office, please call (816) 436-3262.

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