Preparing for a Tummy Tuck? Do These 5 Exercises to Improve Results

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Mar 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Preparing-for-a-Tummy-Tuck-Do-These-5-Exercises-to-Improve-Results.jpgThe abdominal area is a trouble spot for many men and women. There is often stubborn fat and sagging skin in the midsection due to weight loss, pregnancy, or genetics that cannot be treated with diet and exercise. Because the stomach is a key part of your silhouette, a lumpy, sagging stomach can affect your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, can effectively remove excess fat and skin from the midsection and tighten the abdominal muscles, leading to a smoother and flatter stomach. 

If you’ve decided that a tummy tuck is the right cosmetic procedure for you, there are some steps you should take in preparation, which include quitting smoking, losing any of the excess weight you want to, arranging for child and pet care, and preparing meals in advance. These steps will reduce risks, ensure a smooth recovery, and improve results.

Another thing you can do to improve results, however, is to perform exercises in preparation for your tummy tuck. Here are some exercises to consider. 

1. Crunches

Crunches are one of the tried-and-true methods to tightening your abdominal muscles and creating a flatter stomach because they work out the entire midsection.

To do crunches, first lie flat on your back. Then, raise your legs so they’re nearer to your chest and cross your ankles on top of each other. You will want to place your hands behind your head, with elbows pointing straight out, but you don’t want to use your hands to keep your head up. That’s for your abs to do.

Slowly, bring your head up to your knees. Hold the position for two seconds then lower your upper body back to the floor. Ideally, you should be doing two sets of 12.

2. V crunches

V crunches are a variation of the traditional crunch above. Rather than lying flat on the floor, however, you will use a chair for this tummy tuck exercise.

To perform V crunches, grab a chair and sit on it with arms to your side and your back straight. While still keeping your back straight, slowly move your upper body back at a 45-degree angle to one side of you. Contract your abs and bring up your legs, while keeping them as straight as possible.Your body should make a V shape. Move your legs up and down to strengthen the abdomen, thenmove on to the next side.

3. Leg raises

To perform floor leg raises, lay on the floor with your back straight and your arms flat on your sides. Then, lift your legs, approximately 10 inches off of the floor and hold the position. This will tighten your abdominal muscles. Lower your legs back to the floor and repeat the sequence as often as you can without straining.

4. Abdominal hollowing

Abdominal hollowing, also known as the stomach vacuum or the drawing-in maneuver, is performed by sucking in your stomach to the bottom of your spine and holding the position. This exercise can be done lying down on the floor, standing, or sitting.

To perform an abdominal hollowing, simply breathe in lightly and hold. Not only does this exercise work the transverse abdominus, which is the deepest of the stomach muscles, but it also eases back pain.

5. Abdominal bracing

Lastly, we have abdominal bracing, which strengthens both the rectus abdominus (where ab definition is most visible) as well as the obliques. To perform this exercise, simply hold the plank position while squeezing your abdominal muscles as tight as you can, for as long as you can.

Performed consistently, these tummy tuck exercises can help you improve results from your tummy tuck procedure.

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