Preparing for plastic surgery: How to prepare the week before your procedure

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Oct 22, 2015 9:30:00 AM

preparing the week before plastic surgeryThe following is an excerpt from our new e-book, How to prepare for plastic surgery.

One week before the surgery

Grocery shopping

Having healthy food choices in your home prior to your surgery is essential. A few days before your procedure, visit the grocery store to select fresh fruits and vegetables, and cut them up so they are ready to eat. You may also wish to have some ready-to-eat protein on hand, such as nuts, pre-cooked chicken, or tuna. It’s also important to have quick, easy-to-make, healthy choices in your fridge or freezer, especially if you are usually the one who cooks for the rest of the family. Your body is healing and needs to be fed nutritious, healthy foods in the days and weeks after your surgery. If you are deficient in certain nutrients, your body’s ability to recover will be compromised.

Avoid high-sodium, processed foods, both before and after your surgery. Sodium causes swelling, so keeping the levels at healthy limits the week before and in the weeks following your cosmetic surgery will help optimize your healing. The current recommendation for sodium is less than 1500 milligrams (mg) per day. Check the labels on your foods to make sure you are staying below that number. Even foods that don’t taste salty may have high sodium levels.

Make sure you have plenty of non-caffeinated, healthy fluids on hand to drink afterward. Water is ideal. You’ll need to drink adequate fluid to help your body’s tissues heal. Try adding fresh lemon or cucumber slices to your water to add some flavor and help you drink more.

House cleaning

Now is also a good time to get any major house cleaning completed. Whether you do it yourself, have family members help out, or hire a professional cleaning service, make arrangements to have your home as clean as possible a few days before your scheduled procedure. You will feel calmer when you come home to a clutter-free, clean space. Worrying about dirty floors, dust, or piles of laundry will not help you feel relaxed — and you may be tempted to get up and work, which is likely against your surgeon’s instructions.

Fill your prescriptions

Your surgeon may give you some prescription pain relievers, antibiotics, skin ointments, or other medications that need to be taken after your surgery. Get these prescriptions filled prior to surgery, and make sure you understand how and when to take each medication. Some will require you to take them with food, while others are not compatible with driving or other activities that require your coordination and reflexes. Keep your medications in a convenient location, but out of the reach of children.

Pay bills

If you have bills that need to be paid or other business items that will need your attention, think ahead and take care of these things the week before your surgery. Having these tasks completed will give you peace of mind and will allow you to rest without worrying about unfinished business.

Preparing for your surgery can help you feel at ease before, during, and after your procedure. Learn more about how you can prepare by free copy from our e-book library.

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