Raising eyebrows: How to style the perfect brow

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Sep 2, 2015 9:00:00 AM

how to shape eyebrowsOver the past few years, you’ve probably heard about the bold, beautiful brow trend. You could point fingers at the latest terminology of eyebrows “on fleek” or the buzz about celebrities with bushy brows. The role of eyebrows plays a much more important role in beauty than simply keeping sweat out of your eyes when you work out — eyebrows help with facial recognition.

If you’re trying to shape up your brows for the day, you may want to take a few extra minutes. Here’s why:

The Perception study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2003 found that eyebrows play an important role in recognition performance. In other words, if you know what your family and closest friends look like, you still may not be able to recognize them without their eyebrows. So, not only do your eyebrows need to look good, but they play an important role in your identity.

Fortunately for you, the increasing focus on creating beautiful brows has resulted in new brow-specific cosmetic products you can use to craft your defining facial feature. Now, it’s time to learn how to get the eyebrows of your dreams.

Try these steps to getting thicker, more defined eyebrows:

  1. Identify your natural eyebrow type with this handy infographic from Buzzfeed.


  1. Stop tweezing all the time — take a break and let your brows fill in, while only cleaning up a few wayward hairs from time to time.

Pro tip: If your eyebrows are over tweezed, give them a rest and use a brow pomade to cover sparse spots and tame fuzz.

  1. Jumpstart eyebrow growth with a serum containing the building blocks of growth: peptides and protein-rich amino-acid chains.
  2. Consider your face shape and what you want for results — look up photos online to learn what would look good on your face or visit with your eyebrow waxer.
  3. Use natural light to beautify your brows — this means stepping away from the fluorescent lighting in most bathrooms.

Pro tip: Try moving your mirror into a room that has a lot of natural light pouring in while you get ready in the morning.

  1. Avoid magnified mirrors that will cause you to get obsessive and over-pluck your brows again.
  2. Nail the ideal shape for your face every time using an eye brush.

Pro tip: Place your eye brush on top of your nose nostril vertically pointing up to sync with the start of your brow. From the base of the nostril, angle your brush to the outer corner of your eye to find the tip. Finally, angle your brush from the outer edge of your nostril to the outer edge of the pupil to create the classic arch.

  1. Use damp white eyeshadow to mark where you’ll be trimming instead of eyeliner because it won’t push down brow hairs or make rogue hairs easy to miss.
  2. Remove unwanted hairs outside your trimming zone using an eyebrow wax professional, traditional tweezers, or nose hair-trimming scissors.

Pro tip: Avoid bald spots by brushing your eyebrows straight up with a dry toothbrush and trim along the upper arch. Also, remember to clean your scissors with rubbing alcohol after each use.

  1. Don’t obsess over symmetry — your eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins, so don’t stress over making them look exactly the same.
  2. Choose the right shade for your brows when purchasing an eyebrow pencil, pomade, or gel.

Pro tip: Don’t try to match your hair exactly. Instead, choose one shade darker than your natural shade if your hair is light. If your hair is dark, choose one shade lighter. Go for a light to medium neutral brown if your hair is red, or try using a very dark gray or brown if your hair is black.

  1. Master the brow fade by not filling in your brows too thick with product.

Pro tip: Try applying less product at the inner corner of your eyebrows and get more intense as you move further out. Or blend two shades of color by using a light shade for the inside of your brow and a darker color for further out.

  1. Do your eyebrows after you’ve completed putting on the rest of your makeup to ensure they compliment your overall look.

For more tips on shaping your perfect brows, visit the SHAPE Magazine, GLAMOUR Lipstick, or StyleCaster websites.

If you are having your eyebrows waxed, be sure to inform stylist of any products you are using on your skin in your eye area because they can cause damage. The skin in this area is sensitive and absorbs products more easily so it’s best to use products especially made for your skin in this area. Contact Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center to speak with expert skincare aestheticians at (913) 317-9386 for our Leawood and Lansing offices, or at (816) 436-3262 for our North Kansas City location to discuss what skin products are best for you.

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