Regain Youth With These 4 In-Office Cosmetic Procedures

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Jan 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Regain-Youth-With-These-4-In-Office-Cosmetic-Procedures.jpgThere comes a time in all of our lives when we start to compare ourselves to the younger generation. And as we do, we start to realize that our skin isn’t as youthful as it used to be. We start to think about how it doesn’t have that glow anymore. And our once-smooth skin is now showing signs of wrinkles.

If you long to get youthful, smooth, and flawless skin again, but don’t want to get extensive facial surgery, then check out these five in-office cosmetic procedures that will help you achieve your desired look.

1. Photofacial

Many of us forget to apply sunscreen when we hit the beach. We might not even think to apply it on cloudy days. And years later, we realize that this direct sun exposure has caused some sun damage to the skin.

If you’re dealing with unwanted freckles, brown spots, and age spots due to the sun, then IPL treatment, or a photofacial, is just what you need to undo that skin damage. ILP treatment uses light pulses to lighten and reduce these unwanted skin blemishes. It causes blood vessels and collagen below the skin to constrict, which reduces redness and sun spots.

2. Fractional laser treatment

Our younger counterparts tend to have the smoothest, glowing skin that we all wish we could have again.

Thanks to fractional laser treatment, you can. This procedure uses anerbium laser to resurface the face and neck. It can tighten up your skin and increase the production of collagen, which will help diminish both acne scars and fine lines.

3. Fillers

Sunken-in skin can make you appear older than you are. Drooping cheeks can also make you look tired. If you’re jealous of the full cheeks that youngsters have these days, then a filler might be just what you need.

Juvederm’s newest filler, Voluma XC can help you add some volumes to your cheeks. In fact, it’s the first FDA-approved injectable gel that can smooth, contour, and add volume to the cheek area! The procedure is painless and the results are very natural.

Another dermal filler called Radiesse can plump up your skin by producing more collagen. It works with your skin’s natural mechanisms and helps rebuild your skin’s underlying structures. Your skin will have more collagen and more support even months after an injection.

4. Botox

One of the telltale signs of aging is wrinkles. No matter how vigilant you are with your skincare routine, you’ll eventually develop facial wrinkles. It’s just part of life. But ventriloquist lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet can make you seem older than you are. Botox can help freeze the wrinkles caused by muscle movements around the eyes, the brows, and the forehead,so you can start looking as young as you feel. 

There are many non-surgical options for a more youthful appearance. When a facelift isn’t for you, consider trying out one of these four in-office procedures. Request a consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery to learn more about non-invasive ways to fight aging.

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