Retiring? Celebrate with plastic surgery

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Dec 3, 2014 9:00:00 AM

retiring with plastic surgeryWhether you retire at 45, 55, 65, or some other age entirely, you deserve to celebrate! You’ve accomplished a major milestone in life and deserve to focus your attention on your own needs and desires. More than one-fourth of plastic surgery patients last year were over the age of 55, and the number of older Americans undergoing plastic surgery is steadily rising. Now that you’ve retired, you may be ready to take the plunge and pursue the plastic surgery that you’ve been putting off due to other commitments.

Reasons to consider plastic surgery after retirement

Many decide to have plastic surgery during their careers in order to stay competitive in the workplace. However, now that you have retired, you may be considering plastic surgery not to stay competitive, but rather to look as great as you feel. You may have dedicated all of your time and energy to your career during your working years, but now that you are retired, you have the time to take care of the things you neglected while working. Perhaps your clothes don’t fit as well as you’d like, and you now have the time and freedom to do something about it.

If you and your spouse are both retired, plastic surgery may be a common experience to strengthen your bond as you enter the next phase of your lives. Or, if you are divorced or widowed, perhaps you are seeking to refresh your look before jumping back into the dating scene as a retiree. Even more, you may simply have the desire to do something that is just for yourself.

Whether you are a 45-year old retiree or a 65-year old retiree, there are a number of plastic surgery procedures available to you. However, the most popular among retirees and older patients include:

Facelift surgery

A facelift improves the visible signs of aging across the face and in the neck by addressing sagging skin, creases below the eyelids, lost muscle tone, and excess fatty deposits. For many, a facelift on its own, or in conjunction with eyelid surgery or a brow lift, may result in a refreshed appearance -- making you look and feel years younger.

Eyelid surgery

Drooping, hooded, sad, or tired looking eyes may be addressed through eyelid surgery. For most patients, the procedure results in eyes that look natural, younger, and more energetic. Eyelid surgery can even improve vision in those with significantly drooping or heavy upper eyelids. If there is one surgery that shaves years off of the appearance, it is most likely eyelid surgery.

Brow lift surgery

A brow lift helps refresh the area above the eyes, smoothing horizontal lines and furrows -- taking you from appearing angry, tired, or sad, to youthful, refreshed, and energetic. Weak or lax forehead muscles, drooping eyebrows, or excess or loose tissue may be addressed to achieve a smoother, fresher look.

Tummy tuck surgery

After years of working for your family and career, retirement might be the perfect time to finally undergo a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and may tighten stretched or torn abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck may help reverse the effects of pregnancy or weight loss, creating a trimer, more toned abdomen and waist.

Arm reduction or thigh lift surgery

Arm reduction and thigh lift surgery may reduce excess skin and fat on the backs of the upper arms or along the thighs, reshaping the extremities and often improving self-esteem. For patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, these procedures may also increase comfort.

Plastic surgery considerations for older patients

If you are an older plastic surgery patient, there may be a few additional considerations when planning your procedure. Although all patients should be in good health prior to plastic surgery, extra care may be taken with older patients. Even if you feel great and are active, expect a thorough assessment of your health prior to your procedure. It is important to understand that plastic surgery is real surgery, and thus requires the ability to heal and bounce back. Recovery may take longer the older you are. If you suffer from any type of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or other chronic illnesses, your surgeon may be extra cautious in either determining your suitability for surgery or planning your procedure.

Considerations regardless of age

Regardless of your age, be sure you are undergoing plastic surgery for your own reasons. By working toward achieving your own goals, you are more likely to be satisfied with your results. In addition, realistic expectations are key. Plastic surgery is about improvement and refining, not perfection. If you are older, you may also need to adjust your expectations for the recovery process. Older patients tend to take longer to heal.

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