Should society be more accepting of plastic surgery?

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Mar 16, 2015 9:30:00 AM

accepting plastic surgerySome individuals believe that those who undergo cosmetic surgery are vain and shallow. However, ELLE Magazine writer Elissa Strauss wants everyone to stop shaming women who undergo plastic surgery procedures. She herself had a breast reduction with hopes of shaping her body proportionally and being able to comfortably fit her breasts into a sports bra.

“The truth is, it was for aesthetic reasons … I never once tried to justify the procedure as something I did for my health,” wrote Strauss in her ELLE beauty blog.

Strauss found a study conducted by Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum Professor Dr. Jűrgen Margraf and Alexander von Humboldt, which found that 12 percent of plastic surgery recipients have unrealistic expectations. The findings show that the majority of those who undergo cosmetic procedures do not believe surgery will solve all their problems or completely change their appearance.

Many argue that society needs to stop pressuring women into feeling as though it is necessary for them to undergo plastic surgery in order to feel beautiful. Strauss agrees, but also points out that we need to accept that some simple procedures are just that, procedures.

“Sometimes, a face lift really is just a face lift,” wrote Strauss.

Read more from Strauss and her opinions about cosmetic surgery in “Why do we shame women who get plastic surgery?” on

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