Swimsuit shopping after breast augmentation

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May 28, 2014 9:00:00 AM

swimsuit shopping after augmentationWith summer in full swing, swimsuits are likely on your mind. If this is your first swimsuit season since breast augmentation, you may find that your old swimsuit styles simply no longer fit properly. 

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Here are some tips for selecting a swimsuit top that will flatter and support your new, enhanced breasts.

General swim suit considerations after breast augmentation

Before you start looking for a new swimsuit, consider your favorite post-augmentation bras. What features do they have that you especially like? Swimsuit tops share many features with bras in that they support and define the breasts. When seeking a swimsuit or bikini top, the same features will be important. In addition to support and definition, think about coverage and the overall style that most appeals to you and will be flattering on your figure. You look and feel confident in your everyday clothes since your augmentation, so why should you feel any differently in a swimsuit?

Styles that you previously wore may no longer fit properly and may not lend enough support to your augmented breasts. Triangle tops, strapless styles, and bandeaus may not offer enough support or coverage. Although you are encouraged to try on as many styles as you desire and any swimsuits that appeal to you, these might not be the right choices after breast augmentation. For a flattering, supportive bikini or swimsuit top, look for styles that offer support, coverage, and straps that you will be able to wear with confidence.

Many women find it helpful to purchase separate bikini or swimsuit tops and bottoms so they can mix and match not only styles, but sizes as well. By selecting separates, you will be able to customize your swimsuit for an ideal fit. When you are in the fitting room, take time to move around in the swimsuit top. Raise your arms above your head, twist your body at the waist, bend over and touch the ground, and even jog in place. Make sure the top stays in place and offers the coverage you need while in the privacy of the fitting room rather than out at the pool! Try on several tops and styles to find just the ideal one for you.

Halter tops

Halter top swimsuits are an excellent choice for swimsuits, but look for one with an adjustable strap that has a hook style closure rather than one that ties. Halter tops offer significantly better coverage that is more likely to stay put, and are also usually are designed in a way that offer quite a bit of support, particularly for larger breasts. A thicker strap will also add to the supportive nature of your swimsuit top. Halter-top styles with a band around the bottom of the breasts as well as shaped cups offer the most support.

Tankini tops

Tankinis also offer a great deal of support and coverage and come in a variety of styles with different cuts, necklines, and design details. The advantage of a tankini is that they are designed to be similar to a sports bra and have added support. Tankinis typically have wider straps that lay over the shoulders rather than around the neck, and add even more support and distribute the weight of your breasts more evenly than other styles. If you have larger implants or are particularly active during the summer, a tankini may be the best style for you.

Underwire tops

Swimsuit tops with an underwire may be a good option for augmented breasts because they will provide added support. Underwire styles also often provide more coverage, and will automatically enhance shape and cleavage when fitting properly. However, it is imperative that you discuss underwire bras and bikini tops with your surgeon before wearing them.

For some women, underwires are contraindicated, and for the vast majority of women, you need to wait until a fair amount of time after surgery before wearing any type of underwire as they put extra pressure against incisions under the breast and pressure against the pocket that holds the implants. Wearing an underwire too soon may cause excess or uneven scarring.

Whatever style of swimsuit top or bikini you choose, remember to use sunscreen. If you're looking for more ways to enhance your new look and your stunning curves, the Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center can help you! Set up a complimentary consultation to learn more about skin tightening, photorejuvenation, microdermabrasion, and more treatments that could be right for you. 

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