Take care of your body after a tummy tuck

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Jun 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM

post tummy tuck tipsOur abdomen seems to take the brunt of what time does to our bodies. Stretched out skin, excess fat, sagging, and bulging are common complaints of men and women alike. Whether due to weight fluctuations, genetics, or pregnancy, a tummy tuck is often the most effective solution for these problems.

But despite its amazing results, a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is still surgery. So after your procedure, you’ll need to take good care of your body to speed up your recovery and get the best possible outcome. This takes some advanced planning before your procedure as well as some diligence after you go home.

Beforehand: Preparing for recovery from your tummy tuck

There’s plenty you can do before your surgery to ensure your tummy tuck goes smoothly. Much of your recovery depends on advanced planning, and a smooth recovery means you’ll feel better, faster. It also means you’re taking good care of your investment.

Take advantage of this time to get everything in place so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re healing:

  • Do some grocery shopping. Stock your fridge and freezer with healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Your body is working hard to recover, so give it the proper nutrients it needs and skip the junk food.
  • Hydration is key. Have your favorite water or non-caffeinated tea on hand so you can be prepared to drink a lot of fluids. Proper hydration helps the body heal.
  • Prepare your schedule. Look at your calendar and work on designating helpers for the tasks that must be done in those first few days. You may need someone to drop off or pick up your kids from school. Perhaps you need to arrange for someone to take over certain duties at the office. Whatever it is, know that you’ll be off work for at least a week and won’t be able to drive.
  • Make sure you have help. Arrange to have someone be with you the first three days after surgery. You’ll likely need someone to help you get up and around during this initial stage of healing. Although you should walk as much as you feel comfortable, you don’t want to stress your body by doing too much, too soon. Don’t forget to ask your helper about their schedule to ensure you’ll have them when you need them!
  • Stock up on medications. Get any medications filled before the day of your surgery. You may have pain medications, stool softeners, or other needs following surgery. Be sure to talk with your plastic surgeon about any and all medications and supplements you take. Some may need to be avoided in the days before surgery.

After surgery, you’ll be doing a lot of resting, at least initially. Expect some discomfort, but know that you can minimize this with the pain medications your surgeon recommends. Most people are pleasantly surprised to find that they bounce back quickly from a tummy tuck when it’s performed by an experienced surgeon.

And if you plan your recovery before your surgery, you can go home and focus on letting your body heal instead of worrying about other details. Those few days of recovery will pay off big when you enjoy your new, flatter, more toned tummy.

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