The 12-month wedding skincare timeline for brides

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Jan 10, 2017 11:07:42 AM

The 12-month wedding skincare timeline for brides-1.jpgThere’s so much involved when it comes to planning your wedding. While this is definitely an exciting time, it can also be incredibly stressful. Don’t let that stress take a toll on your skin, though—you want to look and feel your best when you walk down the aisle! 

In the months prior to your wedding, it’s crucial not to slack on your skincare regimen if you want beautiful, glowing skin on your big day. We’ve put together this 12-month wedding skincare timeline to help you keep your beauty routine on track and get picture-perfect for your wedding day!

12 months before your wedding

When it’s 12 months before your wedding date, timing is everything. This would be a good time to come in for a consultation at the Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center. At this time, we would discuss any skincare concerns you may have, and what treatment/products would be beneficial for you to start with. Allowing enough time before your wedding will give you the opportunity to really transform your skin, as some services require multiple treatments, and products take time to see results. 

A few must-have services that will really brighten your skin and reduce unwanted hair is the Halo Laser treatment, Broad Band Light (BBL) treatment, and laser hair reduction. The Halo is a non-ablative laser that targets discoloration and texture. It works wonders in treating sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, and melisma. Plus, it has minimal downtime. The Halo is a great start in transforming your skin and stimulating collagen. 

Forever Young BBL is another highly effective skincare treatment. BBL is a light therapy treatment that tightens the skin and targets specific discoloration in the skin, including sun damage, rosacea, and broken blood vessels. 

Last but definitely not least is laser hair reduction. Get beach ready with laser hair reduction and be worry free on your honeymoon! These are just a few services that we offer at Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center—coming in for a consultation will determine what options are best for you!

6 months before your wedding

When it’s six months before your wedding date, it’s time to follow up. Having follow-up appointments with your aesthetician will guarantee that you’re on the right track. This is a good time to refill any of your products, take before and after pictures, go over what treatments you have already undergone, and plan what your next steps will be.

3 months before your wedding

This is the best time for a chemical peel! Planning a wedding can be stressful and can cause blemishes and breakouts. Getting a chemical peel around this time will help with a little bit of everything. It will get rid of the dead layer of skin, and help with breakouts, pore size, pigmentation, and texture, giving you an overall glow back to your skin.

1 month before your wedding

Now’s the time to schedule a medical facial. Medical facials are important because they improve the natural look of your skin through exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, and hydration. Facials are always customized to your specific needs, and there is no down time. It’s a wonderful skincare treatment to get right before your wedding.

Mention this article when you come into the Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center and receive $30.00 off your medical facial. Want to make it a facial party? Treat your bridesmaids to a facial party so you all can be wedding ready!


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