The 4 Best Plastic Surgery Procedures to Get This Winter

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Feb 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The-4-Best-Plastic-Surgery-Procedures-to-Get-This-Winter.jpgMost people look forward to the spring and summer months. After all, they bring with them exhilarating heat and fun in the sun. On the other hand, most people dread winter. It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s wet, and it’s slushy. The sun barely shines and you’re forced to spend the majority of your time indoors.

This year, don’t think of winter with dread. Instead, embrace it by getting one of these plastic surgery procedures that are best performed in the winter.

1. Halo laser treatments

The Halo laser system uses the first hybrid fractional laser in the world. Treatments can effectively diminish or eliminate the signs of aging as well as improve the look of blemishes that can make you feel less than confident, such as sun spots, uneven skin tone, damaged skin, and large pores.

Winter is the best time for Halo laser treatments for many reasons. First, although you can go right back to the work the day after a treatment, you may not want to as your skin may be itchy, red, and peeling. Luckily, the winter months include many holidays that you can take advantage of to take an extra day off that you need for your face to heal.

Second, because you’ll be seeing so many friends and family members during these holidays, you’ll probably want to look your best. Halo laser treatments can give you the best skin of your life, just in time for all of the mingling.

And finally, you must stay out of the sun after treatment for optimal healing and results, and this is made much easier during the winter.

2. Tummy tuck

Women who have had children or people who have lost a lot of weight often get a tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin and gain a toned, taut stomach.

However, this plastic surgery procedure comes with a four to six week recovery period. Early in your recovery, you will have limited mobility as your incision heals. It’s a lot easier to stay in bed during the winter months. It’s the perfect time to hibernate. You don’t have to worry about missing out on a cottage vacation or on fun activities and sports while you heal.

What’s more, during your tummy tuck recovery you will also have to wear a compression garment and you may have a pain pump and drains for a while. The cold weather makes it easier to cover up this evidence of your recent plastic surgery procedure due to the baggy, heavy clothes you can wear.

3. Facelift

A facelift can effectively reverse the signs of aging. It can improve the appearance of wrinkles, jowling, creases, and sagging. It can reshape excess facial fat and tighten underlying muscles to create a fresher, younger version of your face.

A facelift, however, is an extensive plastic surgery procedure that requires a long healing period. It can take months for final results to show. You will have bruising and swelling for a while. This evidence is more easily hidden during the winter thanks to earmuffs, chunky scarves, and big hats.

Plus, you’ll have all the time you need to hibernate and recover, so you can showcase your final results once the summer festivities come around again.

4. Breast augmentation

If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts, it can affect your life in many ways. It can reduce your self-esteem and self-confidence and make you feel less feminine. Though you may want to get breast implants, you might not want the whole world to know. This why you should get breast augmentation in the winter.

You can cover up evidence of your new breasts as they heal with big sweaters and jackets, and no one will be any wiser. And by the time you start to wear t-shirts and tight blouses again, everyone will likely have forgotten what your breasts looked like several months ago anyway. You can keep your plastic surgery as your little secret.

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