The best daytime and nighttime active ingredients for your skin

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Jul 27, 2015 9:30:00 AM

day and night skin care ingredientsYou know that your skin needs nutrients to stay happy and healthy, but did you know that means different skincare ingredients for daytime and nighttime? Knowing the best active ingredients for your skin is important to ensuring your skin is protected throughout the day and into the night. Your skin absorbs products during the day differently from how your skin absorbs products at night, meaning some products are effective only while you sleep. Adding a little bit of knowledge to your skin care will go a long way for the health of your skin.

Stick to these basic principles of skin care and you’ll be the envy of everyone:

Daytime active ingredients

  1. Vitamin C — provides overall brightness, keeps melanin production low, and is crucial for healing scarring.
  2. SPF — protects your skin from sun damage, wrinkles, and discoloration even if it’s a day of overcast skies.

Day and night active ingredients

  1. Hyaluronic acid — moisturizes your skin, keeping it hydrated. Can be used in the morning and the evening.
  2. B Vitamins — helps prevent photodamage, heal redness, prevent excess keratin, and provide deep hydration for your skin throughout the day and the evening.

Nighttime active ingredients

  1. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids — treat acne, wrinkles, and dryness on your skin, but using them in the daytime can cause sun damage, so stick to nighttime use.
  2. Retinol — helps rebuild sun damage and has powerful exfoliants, but you should wear sunscreen for 24 hours after using, and you should never use during the daytime because it will cause harm to your skin.

Learn more about all these great active ingredients for your skincare regimen on Bustle.

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