The biggest myths about breast augmentation

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Jul 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

common myths about breast augmentationBreast augmentation is an ideal procedure for women who want to enhance their curves with larger, fuller, and more shapely breasts. This popular cosmetic breast surgery not only helps enhance your physical appearance, but can improve your confidence and self-esteem, too!

However, those who aren’t overly familiar with the benefits of breast augmentation might be hesitant to seek treatment based on myths they may have heard. For instance, some believe breast implants might look too fake and unnatural, while others might believe breast augmentation is too painful and requires months-long recovery.

Are you considering breast augmentation, but are unsure about whether these myths are really true? Read on for some of the biggest myths about breast augmentation, debunked -- and contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Myth: All breast implants look fake

Some women are hesitant to seek breast augmentation for fear their implants will look too fake, unnatural, and obvious, thanks to movies, television, and other media outlets that joke about results from the procedure. In truth, today’s breast implants are designed to look and feel natural; plus, an experienced, board-certified surgeon can help you make the best informed decision when it comes to choosing a breast size.

Breast implants are available in silicone or saline types so you can choose the type that best suits your individual goals. At the time of your initial consultation, your surgeon will educate you and guide you toward choosing the best implant type and size that will help you achieve your ideal look.

Myth: Recovery is painful and long

While breast augmentation does require some recovery and downtime, the amount of time you spend recovering depends on your ability to follow post-operative and aftercare instructions. For instance, women who move around too much too soon can experience a major setback in recovery, while those who rest and allow incisions to heal can get back to their normal lives more quickly.

Mention concerns about recovery and pain to your surgeon, who will educate you on the best way to speed up recovery so you can get back to enjoying your daily life as quickly as possible.

Myth: Breast implants are for women who want major size increases

Many assume that breast implants are for women who want to go extremely larger than they already are. For example, women with A cup breasts want C cups, and women with B cups want DD cups. However, most patients desire a more subtle increase to help fill out clothing, or to simply enhance their self-confidence.

Myth: You’ll notice results immediately

Most patients assume that breast implants will immediately result in larger-looking breasts, since the concept seems logical. But your body will react differently in the weeks and months following your procedure.

First, your chest muscles will tighten up upon recognizing implants, and cause the implants to look swollen and higher on your chest. This is normal, but as weeks and months pass, your breasts will settle into a more natural-looking position on your chest.

If you’re planning on having breast augmentation before a major event, such as a wedding, high school reunion, or retirement party, plan your procedure far in advance so you have enough time to recover and show up to your event looking more amazing than ever.

Myth: Breast augmentation results in the perfect body

Breast augmentation is designed to enhance the appearance of your existing breasts and curves, but won’t necessarily change the appearance of your entire body. Having realistic expectations about surgery is important; you should only seek breast augmentation to make yourself feel better about your appearance -- not to satisfy someone else’s ideal look.

Be honest and candid about your goals for breast augmentation at the time of your initial consultation with your surgeon. Your plastic surgeon can show you before-and-after photos of other breast augmentation patients so you have a better idea of how your body will look after the procedure.

Are you considering breast augmentation or another breast surgery to help enhance the appearance of your breasts? Schedule a consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery to learn more about breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, and how these procedures can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired!

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