The dos and don’ts of giving plastic surgery as a gift this holiday season

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Dec 5, 2014 10:00:00 AM

gift of plastic surgeryAs we head further into winter, the holidays are fast approaching. Like many Americans, you probably have already begun your holiday gift shopping. However, what do you get for the person who has everything? If your loved one or a good friend has been hinting at or even actively asking for plastic surgery, perhaps you’ve found the perfect gift! However, before giving the gift of plastic surgery, here are a few dos and don’ts to consider.

Do make sure plastic surgery is wanted

Our appearances are sensitive subjects. Before giving the gift of plastic surgery, be sure your loved one or friend really wants it. In fact, they shouldn’t just be joking about it or talking about plastic surgery fleetingly. If you wish to gift someone with plastic surgery, wait until they have specifically asked for surgery, and that they have a particular procedure in mind. Ideally, the gift recipient should even be actively pursuing surgery or planning to schedule a consultation.

Don’t make it a surprise

While we often think of gifts as best when they are surprises, this may not be true of plastic surgery. If your loved one or friend doesn’t specifically ask for plastic surgery, they may take offense at such a surprise. Plastic surgery that hasn’t been asked for or isn’t wanted may unintentionally tell the gift recipient that you are unhappy with their physical appearance. It may send the message that you would like them more if they looked differently, or that you base the value of your relationship on outward appearances.

Do consider making it a couples experience

If you have been considering a little touch up for yourself, perhaps your loved one would like to join you. Botox, dermal fillers, and medical facials are particularly popular gifts for a couples experience. For couples hoping to grow into their later years together, undergoing facial rejuvenation procedures together may be one step in the process, possibly bringing them closer together through the shared experience.

Don’t just give the gift of plastic surgery

While simply paying for your loved one’s procedure may be a fantastic gift, consider the entire experience. Accompany them to their consultation and help them overcome pre-surgery jitters the night before their procedure with something fun like a movie night. If possible, consider even driving them to and from the surgery, and stay with them overnight afterwards. When they get home from surgery, have a recovery kit waiting with bottled water, magazines, snacks, lotion and lip balm, and a host of favorite movies at the ready.

Do respect your loved one’s privacy

Although your loved one may be thrilled with the gift of plastic surgery, they may not want the world to know about it. Plastic surgery and one’s appearance are sensitive topics, and you should honor your loved one’s wishes about privacy. You may be asked to help cover up for your loved one’s absence at events or commitments as they recover or perhaps to help navigate questions about their refreshed appearance. When asked if you’ve noticed how great your loved one looks, you might reply with, “I know! I bet she’s getting plenty of rest and it shows, doesn’t it?” Then, politely change the subject.

Don’t dictate your loved one’s decision making

Every plastic surgery comes with its own set of decisions that need to be made by the patient. Although you may be the one paying for the procedure, it is your loved one’s body that will be affected. Your gift should bring joy and happiness, and for that to happen, your loved one needs to be the decision maker. Whether the decisions have to do with breast size during breast augmentation, the best approach to a rhinoplasty or nose job, or anything else, they should be made by the plastic surgery recipient.

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