The importance of reviewing cosmetic surgery before & after photos

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Feb 1, 2016 4:00:00 PM

why before and after photos are important

If you’re considering any kind of cosmetic surgery, you know it requires a lot of thought. Not only are you thinking about what you want done and the desired outcome, but you also need to decide who will do your surgery.

Most people meet with one or more plastic surgeons before they make a decision. They may ask about qualifications, skills, experience, and more. But there’s one thing you should never overlook in this important interview: the before and after photos.

What photos will tell you

It’s true that everyone is different, and seeing someone else’s results doesn’t mean you will have the exact same outcome. In fact, you probably don’t want to look exactly like someone else. But what you can see in photos is whether the surgeon has the expertise to do what you are asking. Do you see results that still look like that person - but better? Do you see a wide variety of different body types that can be enhanced to make them look natural, yet still look amazing?

Think about the results you ultimately want, and see if the photos align with your own wishes. The success of any plastic surgery procedure depends upon many factors, especially the person doing the surgery. Your surgeon’s training, experience, and skill can make or break whether you are ultimately happy with your results.

Watch for red flags

Depending on the type of surgery you wish to have, you’ll want to watch for signs that the surgeon may not be right for you. With breast augmentation, breasts that don’t look symmetrical or that look consistently unnatural could be a problem. If it seems all the implants look larger than you like, for instance, ask the surgeon how and why that size was selected. Sometimes the surgeon is simply doing what the patient wanted - but this isn’t always the case. The size of breasts post-surgery should be fitting to your figure, but should also be a result of what you and your surgeon mutually agreed upon.

Unsightly scars, unattractive results, or, worse, no photos at all, often mean you should look elsewhere for your plastic surgery. A good surgeon will be happy to show you photos and will have patients who are thrilled to share their results with other patients. Don’t be afraid to ask for these photos in your interview - and many plastic surgeons also post these photos on their website.

Are you ready to talk with a plastic surgeon about a new, improved version of you? You deserve a no-obligation consultation to learn more about the procedure you want, and get your questions answered in a calm, friendly environment. Request a consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery today!


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