The struggles of large-busted women

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May 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM

signs a breast reduction is right for youWe all hope for breasts that are proportionate to our body and allow us to do the activities we want. But those with bigger breasts have struggles of their own — which is why breast reduction is an important, but often overlooked, procedure.

Here are some of the challenges that large-busted women face every day:


Average clothing becomes too revealing

Depending on how daring you choose to be with your wardrobe, you may or may not be comfortable with showing cleavage on a daily basis. Women with larger bustlines often find that “average” v-neck shirts look more like plunging, sexy necklines when they don’t want them to.

Back, neck, and shoulder pain is common

Not all large-busted women have pain, but many of them do — and it’s a leading complaint among those who choose to get a breast reduction. The weight of large breasts can throw off your back, bra straps dig into your shoulders and cause chafing and soreness, and it can affect your posture too, radiating pain in your back and neck.

High-impact exercise is challenging

When your breasts are very large, it’s difficult to find a sports bra that’s supportive enough, not to mention comfortable and attractive. Even with the best sports bra, many women find that jumping, jogging, and similar exercises can cause discomfort.

Typical bras, swimsuits, and dresses don’t fit

Many large-busted women have a close relationship with a tailor, because having a fuller upper half means that many garments simply aren’t designed for their shape. They may have to buy a larger sized dress, for example, and have the waist and hips taken in. Bathing suits pose a similar challenge, and often aren’t supportive enough. Bras in larger sizes often aren’t as stylish or pretty in appearance. Think thicker straps and stronger materials, which generally results in less lace and frill.

People stare — and not always in a good way

Sure, we all want to look good, and some flattery is nice. But sometimes a woman just wants to go about her business and not have others ogling her body, whether she’s at the beach or the shopping mall. Just because a woman has a larger bustline doesn’t mean she’s looking for attention to it.



Sagging is a very real threat

Breasts naturally sag over the years, whether large or small. But in general, the larger breast sizes will have earlier and more noticeable sagging as gravity takes its toll. This can lead to discomfort and a difficult search to find a bra that provides enough support.

If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts or feel your body is out of proportion, talk with a skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures. A breast reduction and/or breast lift may give you the confidence and comfort you deserve. Contact Monarch Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation!

Are your large breasts causing back and neck pain?

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