The top three benefits of rhinoplasty

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Jun 6, 2014 8:30:00 AM

rhinoplasty-benefitsPerhaps you have a little bump on your nose or your nose seems out of proportion with your mouth and face. Or, maybe you had suffered a nose injury earlier in life and haven’t been able to breathe properly through your nose ever since. Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction with your nose, consider undergoing rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. Rhinoplasty can be performed for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, and has a number of benefits.

Below are the top three benefits to undergoing rhinoplasty.

The ability to breathe easier

For patients who still experience difficulty with breathing after having tried allergy and cold medicines, nasal strips, and other treatments, the culprit may be an abnormality inside the nose. Breathing difficulties are often related to a deviated septum -- a condition in which the wall, or septum, between the two sides of the nose is pushed too far to one side. A deviated septum may lead to a number of breathing problems and related discomforts, and in severe cases, the septum may be pushed so far to one side that it makes breathing through that side of the nose difficult. In the larger nostril, this may cause higher risk of nosebleeds and dryness due to excess airflow. However, correcting a deviated septum through rhinoplasty increases airflow, creates a balance between the two nostrils, and typically provides relief from a number of symptoms.

Improved sleep

Once airflow through the nose is corrected either by fixing a deviated septum or correcting other nasal defects, most patients find that they are able to sleep more soundly as a result of having increased airflow. Rhinoplasty may even help people who suffer from sleep apnea -- a condition in which the patient stops and starts breathing repeatedly throughout the night. Not only does sleep apnea mean less oxygen intake, but it also means disrupted sleep, even if the patient doesn’t wake fully during the cycle. Rhinoplasty to treat conditions such as sleep apnea may involve focusing on correcting a deviated septum or other methods of reshaping the nasal passageways. The result is improved sleep, which means waking up feeling rested and ready to start the day.

Greater psychological satisfaction

For many, undergoing rhinoplasty has emotional or psychological benefits, particularly if their concern has to do with the exterior appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty may repair a perceived defect that has plagued the patient for years either because of personal concerns about appearance or due to the judgment of others. However, a patient should only undergo rhinoplasty or any other plastic surgery procedure to please oneself rather than trying to meet someone else’s standard for beauty. Patients who undergo rhinoplasty for their own satisfaction often feel better about themselves afterwards, even if the surgery corrects only minor problems. Patients often note that they stand a bit straighter and hold their heads higher, smiling and ready to greet the day.

Whatever your reason for considering rhinoplasty, make sure you understand the pros and cons before surgery, as well as the limitations on what the procedure can do for you. During your consultation with your plastic surgeon at Monarch Plastic Surgery, you will have the opportunity to discuss your rhinoplasty goals, the benefits and risks, and much more. If you are ready to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation, please call Monarch Plastic Surgery at (913) 663-3838 or (816) 436-3232 today.

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