Top 10 reasons to get a breast reduction

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Jan 2, 2015 10:00:00 AM

reasons for breast reductionBreast augmentation is currently the top cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States, and is a procedure often sought out by women who simply want larger breasts, or who want to regain the size and shape of their breasts after having lost weight or given birth to children. Despite the attention that breast augmentation receives in today’s world of cosmetic surgery, many fail to consider the needs of women who could benefit from having smaller breasts, or a breast reduction.

Women with exceptionally large breasts sometimes feel that their breasts get in the way, or prevent them from being able to perform and enjoy everyday activities without experiencing discomfort. There are several reasons women may decide to undergo breast reduction, such as reduced back problems and less discomfort while exercising.

Here are the top 10 reasons women seek breast reduction.

1. Reduce back pain

Large breasts can weigh anywhere between three and seven pounds each, or more, which can make it difficult for some women to stand up straight, walk around, exercise, and engage in other physical activities without experiencing strain or back pain.

2. Prevent skin discoloration

Some women will develop a brown line or rash underneath their breasts where the bra lies to support the breasts as a result of blood getting trapped. Some women even develop sores underneath their breasts that take a long time to heal as a result of poor air flow. While a better-fitting bra can often help resolve and prevent skin discoloration, many women still struggle with this factor.

3. Make exercise more comfortable

Even when wearing a sports bra, exercising can be made more difficult with large breasts -- regardless of whether you’re running or doing pushups. Activities that cause your breasts to bounce can become painful, and your breasts may get in the way of doing certain exercises and movements.

4. Eliminate shoulder grooves

Shoulder grooves made by bra straps can be unsightly and painful, even if you’re wearing a supportive bra built especially to help support large breasts. Skinny bra straps can be painful, whereas thicker bra straps can leave behind deep grooves, and sometimes, cuts.

5. Gain access to more attractive bras

While bra manufacturers are getting more creative with colors, designs, and styles for women who require very large bras, many manufacturers still tend to make bras available in only white, beige, or black. Bras that are available in more beautiful colors and styles sometimes lack the support needed for large and heavy breasts, which make them less functional and effective.

6. Improve posture

Some women want breast reduction to improve their posture, since large, heavy breasts can cause women to hunch their shoulders and become tense throughout their chest, shoulders, and upper back.

7. Ability to buy sexier clothing

Not all women have the time or funds to have clothes tailor-made to fit their bodies in a flattering, attractive manner. By default, many clothes manufacturers will assume that women with overly large breasts are also large throughout the rest of their bodies. Women with large breasts can sometimes experience difficulty with buying tank tops, sundresses, and other tops made with built-in bras or shelves.

8. Exposure to fewer jokes

Friends, family members, and even partners will sometimes make light-hearted jokes about large breasts, but listening to these types of jokes constantly can take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence.

9. Eliminate saggy breasts

Over time, gravity can cause large breasts to become saggy -- even if women have made an effort to wear supportive bras over the years. While a breast lift can help resolve problems with saggy breasts, some women simply prefer to downsize through breast reduction prior to undergoing a breast lift.

10. Improve confidence

If reducing your breast size makes you feel more comfortable and happier as a result, you can benefit from having improved confidence after breast reduction. Women who feel great about their physical appearance are often more motivated to become healthier so they can maintain their beauty for years to come.

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