Understanding the psychological benefits and limitations of plastic surgery

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Oct 17, 2014 9:00:00 AM

benefits-of-plastic-surgeryPlastic surgery is about more than simply looking better. For many patients, there are are also emotional considerations that spill over into other areas of life both before and after plastic surgery. While plastic surgery may indeed alter your appearance, for many patients there are psychological considerations. Ultimately, the best thing you can do to increase your satisfaction with your results is to understand both the benefits and the limitations of plastic surgery.

The psychological benefits of plastic surgery

For many patients, plastic surgery has both physical and psychological benefits. Many patients, even if they already have good self-esteem, experience a boost in self-esteem and an increase in satisfaction with their appearance. For many patients, these improvements in self-esteem lead to greater confidence in social situations and in the workplace. For those who are single, these increases in confidence may also lead to greater ease in dating and romantic situations. For some adults who were bullied as children or suffered due to teasing about their physical appearance, the confidence boost of plastic surgery may help overcome negative feelings related to those experiences, although it should be noted that in such situations, counseling may also be advisable.

Have realistic expectations

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when going into plastic surgery is to have realistic expectations for your procedure. Your results will be individual to your situation, and your surgeon should have taken time to explain both the benefits and limitations of your procedure to you. If your surgeon hasn’t, be sure to ask for a thorough explanation, and if you aren’t sure of anything or don’t understand some aspect of the procedure, be sure to ask questions. Your surgeon should be your partner and guide, taking time to ensure that you understand your procedure well. Discuss your needs and goals with your surgeon and ask if those goals are attainable.

After surgery, you should expect to still look like yourself, but refined and improved upon. By aiming to look like yourself, but better, you increase your likelihood of satisfaction after surgery. Expecting to look like someone else or to look dramatically different often fails to lead to satisfying results because no matter what your surgeon may do for you, your underlying bone and body structure will ultimately be the foundation upon which your procedure is performed. In addition, be sure that you understand that plastic surgery does require a recovery period. It will take time to see and feel the full effects of your procedure.

Your final results

Ultimately, your final results and satisfaction will depend on a number of factors. From the start, you should have clear, open, and trustworthy communication with your surgeon. In addition, how well you follow both pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions will go a long way in determining how well you heal. Your underlying bone structure and anatomy in addition to other genetic factors may also play a role. Also, it is best to go into your surgery as healthy as possible. Good overall health often translates to a better experience with greater ease during recovery. Be sure you are undergoing plastic surgery for yourself with your own goals and needs in mind. By meeting your own goals, you are much more likely to be satisfied with your end results.

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