Unexpected benefits gained from breast augmentation

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Aug 6, 2015 12:17:00 PM

Benefit of breast augmentationWomen choose to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Although this procedure is most commonly associated with a larger breast size, women often experience several additional positive effects after surgery. Many of these are psychological in nature, because breast size can have a significant impact on self-esteem and body image.

Overcoming body image issues

Some women who decide to have breast augmentation surgery do so because they have under-developed breasts, which is a condition known as micromastia. Other women have asymmetrical breasts with a vast difference in cup size. These situations can cause women to feel as though their breasts are deformed, which contributes to body image and self-esteem issues. After having breast augmentation surgery, they may become more comfortable with their bodies.

Improved self-esteem and confidence

Breast augmentation surgery can also increase a woman's self-esteem. There is a strong correlation between a negative body image and low self-esteem. Improving perceived problem areas of the body can immediately increase self-esteem, which can lead to many positive experiences in life, such as stronger relationships and more confidence in the workplace.

Confidence and self-esteem are also closely related. People with chronic low self-esteem tend to see the world in a more negative light and lack confidence, according to Psychology Today. Breast augmentation surgery can help boost confidence. Confident people typically have an easier time achieving their goals in life.

Better sex life

A recent survey by RealSelf.com found a correlation between breast augmentation surgery and a better sex life. About 61 percent of those surveyed had sexual relations more frequently after surgery, and 70 percent had more satisfaction. Women with stronger self-esteem and more self-confidence may experience an enhanced sexual experience, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Their partners may also find them more attractive, which also could contribute to the improvement in their sex lives.

Feeling more attractive

Women may also feel more attractive after breast augmentation surgery. This is often due to overcoming body images issues associated with small or uneven breasts. The media has created an ideal female beauty standard with larger breasts, which can make many women with smaller breasts feel unattractive. Increased feelings of attractiveness after breast augmentation can also lead to more satisfying relationships.

More options for clothing styles

One surprising benefit of breast augmentation that has nothing to do with psychology is more clothing options. Many clothing styles are created for women with larger breasts. Women with smaller chests often find it difficult to find clothing that fits correctly, especially swimsuits and shirts. Some patients find it easier to shop for clothing and find the correct fit after their surgery.

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