What Is Body Contouring?

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Feb 24, 2017 9:00:00 AM

What-Is-Body-Contouring.jpgBody contouring is a term used to describe any type of cosmetic surgery procedure that specifically improves the shape and tone of different areas of the body, including the arms, thighs, and torso, through excess fat removal and the tightening of skin and underlying tissue.

Body contouring procedures are often performed on patients who have lost a of weight and mothers who have undergone pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding and are looking to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. After weight loss, some extra fat pockets, cellulite, and excess skin often remain. Body contouring procedures remove these unwanted side effects and improve the body’s appearance, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing silhouette and smooth and toned contours.

Below you’ll find some of the top body contouring procedures.

Liposuction and Smartlipo

After weight loss, unwanted fat pockets often stubbornly remain. No amount of exercise or diet can get rid of them. These fat pockets are often found on the knees, thighs, upper arms, back,hips, abdomen, and buttocks, and can make the body appear lumpy. Liposuction can help smooth the affected areas by safely removing the fat and sculpting these large areas of the body.

Similarly, Smartlipo also eliminates excess fat pockets, though it targets smaller areas of the body, such as around the bra line, the neck, abdomen, or love handles. Smartlipo is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. It’s performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation, which allows for a faster recovery and minimal downtime.

Arm reduction

Excess skin on the upper arms can make people self-conscious to wear short sleeves and can lead to chafing.

An arm reduction, also known as an arm lift, is a procedure that tightens the tissues in the upper arms and reduces sagging skin in the area. Excess fat may also be treated or removed through liposuction during an arm lift. The goal is to reduce the appearance of “flabby” upper arms.

Thigh lift

A thigh lift can successfully reduce excess, drooping skin that doesn’t respond to exercise due to lost skin elasticity. For many, particularly those who have lost significant weight, the thighs are a common trouble area. This surgical procedure can help patients achieve their ideal body image. The thighs are reshaped by reducing excess skin, and often removing fat, resulting in improved proportions in the lower body region and toned, smooth skin.

Tummy tuck

Women who have had children, and patients who have lost weight, are often left with excess stomach skin that hangs down over the pubic area. The tummy tuck can help improve self-confidence and self-image by creating a firm midsection and improving the body’s silhouette.

During the cosmetic procedure, the excess fat and skin that stubbornly remains in the middle and lower abdomen regions after these life events is removed. The procedure also tightens the abdominal muscles.


The majority of the population has cellulite on some parts of their bodies. Though common, cellulite can make people self-conscious about their appearance. Cellfina is the only FDA-approved procedure to treat cellulite. It’s a minimally invasive procedure with little downtime that can successfully reduce the lumpy appearance of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks by targeting the connective bands of cellulite that reside under the skin.

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Body contouring consists of a variety of different cosmetic procedures that target different trouble areas of the body and achieve different results. If you are unhappy with some aspects of the appearance of your body, a body contouring procedure may be the right route to take.

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