What to Expect from a Monarch Mini Facelift at Monarch Plastic Surgery

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Apr 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

As we get older, there are many factors that may contribute to the visible signs of aging. Age, sun exposure and stress are well-known ones which accelerate the aging process. Wrinkles and sagging in the lower face and jowls may start to appear around the age of 40 and continue to increase throughout life. If you are uncomfortable with or bothered by signs of aging on your face, a Monarch Mini Facelift surgery may be right for you.




When you arrive for your initial consultation appointment, we will first review your medical history with you to ensure you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Smokers are encouraged to quit smoking three months before and after the surgery to avoid any potential complications. Then, we will go through a detailed examination process with you to discuss your problem areas and to identify where improvements can be made. Our doctors generally like to start at the forehead and work their way down the face and neck, allowing the patient to point out areas that bother them.


During the Procedure


The procedure is relatively comfortable and can easily be completed in our office within three hours. First, you’ll be given a prescription medication to help you relax. The procedure does not require general anesthesia, so you’ll be awake the entire time. Instead, a numbing medicine, or local anesthesia, will be used on the parts of your face and neck we will be working on. The vast majority of our patients agree that the procedure is not any more uncomfortable than a typical dental visit.


Recovery and Post-Procedure Care


After the procedure, you’ll leave our office with an antibiotic ointment covering the incisions. If we treated your face with a chemical peel, the ointment will be applied over your entire face. We use a very simple dressing, which includes gauze pads and a headband to collect any drainage from the incision lines. Drainage from the incisions is very common and is almost expected. You’ll also be sent home with something to protect your pillow from the drainage. We advise patients to take it easy for the first day, but by the next day you should be able to take a gentle shower. We recommend using a baby shampoo on your face because the pH is a normal level and it is a comfortable and easy way to clean the skin. We will also have you apply moisturizer, like Aquaphor or something similar over-the-counter, to provide a moisturizing base while the incisions heal.


Often, we see patients back in the office the following day to ensure the healing process is going smoothly and there are no issues that need to be resolved. It is very uncommon for our patients to come back with any significant pain from a mini facelift.

Are you interested in improving visible signs of aging on your face and neck? Request a consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery, or call us today at 913-663-3838.

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