When Is the Best Time to Get Cosmetic Surgery?

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Feb 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

When-Is-the-Best-Time-to-Get-Cosmetic-Surgery.jpgThere are sports seasons and travel seasons. There’s bikini season and gardening season. There’s even a best time of year to wear certain colors and materials. What you might be surprised to hear, however, is that there’s a cosmetic surgery season, too. Wintertime is the most ideal time of the year to get cosmetic procedures.

Here are a few reasons why.

You spend less time outdoors

When the sun is shining during the spring and summer months, it’s the perfect time to have BBQ gettogethers, days at the beach, and vacations at the cottage, basking in the sun and getting tanned. Most people are outdoors a lot more during the summer than they are in the winter. The winter months bring with them frigid temperatures, cold winds, and slush and snow. As a result, people head indoors and cozy up under blankets in front of the fireplace to keep warm.

When it comes to certain cosmetic procedures, staying out of the sun is a must. The sun can slow down the healing process and damage the skin, leading to less than optimal results. In the winter, it’s a lot easier to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions and stay out of the sun’s rays, making it the ideal time to book a cosmetic procedure.

You can easily cover up

In the summer, people wear short shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. Though a summer wardrobe can keep you cool and fashionable, it’s not conducive to hiding the signs that you just underwent cosmetic surgery. Depending on the surgery you get, you could have swelling, bruising, and bandages during the healing process. You may also have to wear compression garments during your recovery. None of these are easy to hide under a bikini.

The winter months are ideal because you can cover up. Chunky scarves and big hats can cover up the evidence of a facelift. Big sweaters and sweatpants can hide compression garments and other evidence of recent liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, and other procedures. It’s a lot easier to hide the fact that you’ve recently undergone surgery in the winter, when covering up is associated with keeping warm, instead of keeping a secret.

Most people are less active in the winter

When the temperature is warm, people are a lot more active. They play sports, they go swimming, and they go on daily runs in the great outdoors. In the winter months, however, activity levels are typically reduced.

After some cosmetic surgery procedures, patients are required to avoid physical activity of any kind while they heal. This helps ensure that their bodies heal quickly and that the results, and health outcomes, aren’t compromised during recovery.

You won’t have to worry about missing your weekly softball game or the fun that comes with swimming with your family when you have cosmetic surgery in the winter.

You can ensure a full recovery before summer

Not all procedures offer instant gratification. The effects of some cosmetic procedures aren’t fully evident for several months, especially when there is significantly swelling involved. Booking cosmetic procedures in the winter can give you all of the time you need to fully recover from your surgery, so you’ll be ready to show off your new body when the summer season comes around again.

It’s easier to take time off

Many people avoid booking the procedures they want because they’re not sure they can miss work during their busy seasons. In the winter, it’s a lot easier to take time off. For many businesses, this is the slow season. Plus, there are a lot of paid holidays in the winter, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

Now is the perfect time to get the cosmetic surgery you’ve always wanted.

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