Which facelift is right for you — full or mini facelift?

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Apr 9, 2014 8:00:00 AM

The first signs of aging, stress, and sun damage are often most visible on the face -- from sagging of the jaw line to creases and furrows around the mouth and nose. We all want to look our best, but sometimes the natural effects of gravity, stress, and sun exposure require an aggressive approach. For many, this means a facelift. Depending on the amount of damage or imperfection, you may have the option of a full facelift or a mini facelift to keep you looking young and fresh.

Full facelift

A full facelift, called a rhytidectomy, is designed to improve the appearance of the face overall. A full facelift addresses the upper, middle, and lower structures of the face, often through small incisions that are well hidden under the hairline and in natural creases along the contours around the ears and jaw. A full facelift tightens underlying muscles and reshapes excess fat to provide you with a smoother, younger appearance. A full facelift may also be combined with additional procedures such as nose reshaping, eyebrow lift, or forehead lift.

Monarch Mini-facelift

Monarch Plastic Surgery also offers an exclusive alternative facelift option — the Monarch Mini-facelift. The mini-facelift is minimally invasive, meaning it offers the fewest surgical side effects and a swift recovery. Unlike a full facelift, the Monarch Mini-facelift is performed under local anesthesia through small, carefully hidden incisions. Through a mini-facelift, muscles are tightened and excess skin is removed. This often will be combined with smartlipo of the neck to enhance the appearance. The final result is a smooth look, shaving years off your appearance. After a mini-facelift, most patients are able to return to work in as little as three days.

The limits of facelift surgery

No facelift can stop the effects of time, although most of the effects of your facelift will offer permanent or semi-permanent results. How long your results last will directly depend on your own actions following surgery. Always follow your Monarch plastic surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery, including using sun protection.

Learn more about facelifts at Monarch Plastic Surgery To learn more about your facelift options, please call Monarch Plastic Surgery today at 913-663-3838 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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