Why one woman decided to have a breast reduction

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Jun 22, 2015 9:00:00 AM

breast reduction surgeryWomen with larger breasts not only have to deal with the additional consideration of wearing the right bras for support, but also back pain, social stigma, and clothing sizes. Developing early in life, Rachael Clemmons remembers when she began wanting a breast reduction at age 13. In her frank essay on Popsugar, Rachael details much of her experiences before and after her procedure that was performed during the summer between freshman and sophomore years of college.

“Call me a late bloomer, maybe,” writes Rachael. “But the unwanted attention was a tough break: while I started out loving my body and having confidence in the idea that I was different and/or special (thanks, Mom!), I soon grew bitter and uncomfortable with the way that everyone else made me feel about it.”

Rachael details her daily interactions with people -- adolescent males, friends, and family members -- who commented or brought attention to her larger chest. She entered high school as a 32DD and found shopping to be an anxiety-inducing experience. Borrowing shirts from friends was often out of the question. Rachael decided to undergo a breast reduction as soon as she could.

“My body has changed in the eight years since [my breast reduction procedure], but I still feel like I made the right choice,” Rachael writes. “The best choice. Whereas once, they ruled my every thought, like getting dressed in a way that would avoid speculation or comment from clueless strangers, it’s now all secondary.”

Read more about Rachael’s decision to undergo breast reduction surgery on Popsugar.com.

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