Winter skin care: What you need to do now to get glowing skin

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Jan 6, 2016 9:00:00 AM

winter skin care to get glowing skinWhen you think about skincare, you probably think about makeup, cover up, and putting stuff on your face that may be gunky or smell weird. However, over the years, dermatologists and skincare experts have refined their formulas and found the best options for your skin’s health don’t involve wearing makeup at all. This winter, give the gift of great skin by being mindful of what’s best for your biggest organ.

Winter is a time to refresh your skin and get it healthy for another year in the midwest sun and heat. Unfortunately, many people fall under the “more is more” spell and may damage their lipid layer just below the skin’s surface. This damage can be brutal on your skin’s health and you want to be careful to prevent it from happening. Check out these winter skincare tips to help you improve your overall glow and health:

Facial skin tips

  1. Don’t overuse the big guns — Retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) found in many creams may be recommended by doctors, but there is a cost to your skin from overusing them. Both of these ingredients make your skin sensitive and extremely dry. They should be paired with the right protective and calming ingredients.
  2. Anti-age your genes — Everyone’s gene profile is unique, so not every product will work for you and your best friend. In fact, the best way to anti-age your skin is to activate or inhibit the genes involved in aging, which can take some trial and error to match the right product to your skin.
  3. Try new gentle giants — Look for new products with a high amount of collagen-boosting peptides and niacinamide (vitamin B3) for powerful antioxidants that help improve your barrier skin function and even skin tone.
  4. Get your vitamins — An emerging trend involves people taking supplements to compliment the products they use on their skin. Some of these supplements are called Age Defence, Collagen Formula, and Pure Complexion. They remove dead skin cells from your epidermis (your skin’s top layer) without damaging the lipid barrier.
  5. Build up your skin barrier — Protecting and fortifying your lipid barrier is the best way to fight aging. Clear away dirt with a mild cleanser that won’t strip your natural oils and healthy bacteria, and follow with a moisturizer rich in cholesterol; omegas-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids; ceramides; and niacinamide.
  6. Get rid of uneven pigmentation — Manchas contribute to others thinking you look older. Try using plant-based treatments such as products containing peony, white birch extracts, and super potent vitamin C for results comparable to prescription-strength lighteners.
  7. Add good vibrations — Using a vibrating brush or massager can help drain fluids and toxins that cause puffiness in your skin. In addition, vibration promotes facial and body blood circulation, purges pores, and helps your skin absorb anti-aging products better.

Overall skin tips

  1. Don’t wait to search for your mittens until first snowfall — Protect your hands now from the biting winter cold air. Wearing mittens or gloves can help keep your hands from becoming dry and chapped. And don’t forget to use your hand cream at least every morning and evening.
  2. Continue wearing your sunglasses — Winter is bright, especially when concrete and snow reflect the light up into your eyes. Prevent the squinting and the growth of crow’s feet by keeping your sunglasses handy at all times throughout these cold months.
  3. Soften your feet during your workout — Give your feet a little TLC this winter by applying petroleum jelly under your socks before hitting the gym. This will ensure your skin is deeply moisturized and reduce any calluses or blisters you have or may develop.
  4. Check your lip balm’s label — Keep a balm in every handbag, but make sure to check if it’s going to protect your lips. Many products out there are on the shelf for the look and flavor. Buy one — or several — with sunscreen in it to keep your lips smooth and protected from the wind and sunshine.

Your skin is unique, so don’t try to buy all the products your friends swear by. Talk with an experienced skincare specialist who can evaluate your skin and work with you to find the best combination for your health.

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