With the Influence of Selfies and Celebrities, Chin Liposuction is On the Rise

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Aug 9, 2017 9:02:00 AM


Blame it on Ariana Grande’s diamond-cutting jawline or those terrifyingly unflattering angles of our faces when we accidentally open up the front camera on Snapchat, but chin liposuction is on the rise. From Robert Pattinson to Jen Aniston, celebrities have been inducing women and men into total chin envy.

The blame may not completely fall on celebrities, as strong chins and jawlines actually have a correlation with success. What do Presidents Clinton, JFK and Obama all have in common? It’s not political views. It is their strong chins. According to Psychology Today, a strong jawline is associated with high testosterone and power. The association may not be totally in our heads, either. A study by Dr. Darrik Antell, a Manhattan plastic surgeon and clinical professor of surgery at Columbia University, found that 90 percent of the chief executives of the top Fortune 500 companies had chins that were stronger than the average population’s.

What is the Procedure

Chin liposuction, also called submental liposuction, reduces fat under the chin, neck and jowls. Many people cannot reduce the excess chin fat, even after dramatic weight loss since these fat collections are often not metabolized easily with diet and exercise. Some people are genetically predisposed to carrying extra fat in their chins and necks, as well. The procedure received a 95 percent worth it rating on Real Self.

The procedure is moderately easy, with many patients having the liposuction under local anesthesia, and being able to drive themselves home immediately after. It requires just a few small incisions. A small cannula is inserted into the incisions to remove the fat and tissue. The procedure takes only around 30 minutes. They can even return to work, although they must wear a chin strap garment.

Increase in Surgery

Due to the nature of the tough-to-treat area, the dreaded double chin has plagued all kinds of different body types. The rise in surgery has been seen in everyone from millennials and men to celebrities and models. According to Allure Magazine, there is a trend of plus sized-models requesting “double chin removal” procedures.

Chin and neck surgery is not only for women. Liposuction is the number one procedure for men, according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Grant Stevens, chairman of the USC Division of Aesthetic Surgery, says that neck lifts for men have tripled in four years.

At Monarch Plastic Surgery, we can help you to reduce fat underneath the neck and chin area and rid of the double chin dread! To learn more, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

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